The Battle for Magix is the second special made ​​by Nickelodeon combining the episodes 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 from the first season.

Summary Edit

After lost her powers Bloom awakens, her father asks if she's okay, before she responds a magical portal appears, at first they think that the Trix are coming back, but instead is Stella, who came to bring Bloom back to Magix. The fairy of the shining sun encourages Bloom to fight back against the three evil witches and with the support of her parents Mike and Vanessa, Bloom agrees to go with Stella.

At Alfea, Bloom tella Ms. Faragonda that the Trix stolen her powers, the Dragon's Flame. The headmistress, explains to Bloom that she knows a lot about her powers and she wanted that Bloom had time to understand them. Meanwhile, Trix return to Cloud Tower, where they attacked and imprisoned, the headmistress Griffin along with the teachers and students. Later, the Trix launch an attack on Red Fountain, which succeeds.

Meanwhile, Bloom decides to go into Cloud Tower along with Stella, Sky, Brandon and Knut in an effort to recover the Dragon's Flame. On their way, the group encounter Riven, who is sorry for the way he acted. They are successful in freeing the students and the stuff, however to gain time in the escape, Sky accompanied by Bloom, creates a distraction using a bike, given by Griffin who tells them to get out.

Bloom and Sky managed to escape but the bike end up damaged, they walked together for a short time, but they had to go in different directions. Sky went to the city of Magix, meanwhile Bloom went to the lake Roccaluce where she meets the nymph Daphne face to face, she tells Bloom that they are sisters and that Bloom is a Princess. Daphne gives Bloom a crown and some advice so Bloom can transform into a fairy again, which she does successfully.

After defeating some monsters in Magix, Bloom and Sky go to Alfea to help their friends against the Trix. Stella, Tecna, Flora and Musa face Darcy and Stormy and defeat them both with a convergence. Ms. Faragonda and Ms. Griffin lock them both inside a sphere. Bloom fights Icy and defeat her using all of her power, also she makes disappear the army of darkness.

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