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The Winx Club One-Hour Specials were produced when Nickelodeon acquired the airing rights for Winx Club for the English audience Rainbow S.r.I. in 2011 after 4KidsTV lost them earlier that year.

Nickelodeon premiered four specials to summarise the first 2 seasons and introduce Winx Club to its viewers, then bring them up to speed for Season 3. Three of those specials revolved around Season 1 and Bloom coming to realize her identity and powers. Only one special briefly explained Season 2 in order to introduce Aisha and the pixies to the series. The specials are as follows:

  • Winx Club: Premiere Special
  • Revenge of the Trix
  • The Battle for Magix
  • The Shadow Phoenix
  • The Power of Believix (401 and 402)
  • Beyond Believix
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