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Secrets Within Secrets
is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of Winx Club.


During festivities at Red Fountain, Bloom encounters Princess Diaspro, who cames she is betrothed to Brandon, whom she keeps calling Sky.

Major EventsEdit

  • Bloom learns the truth about Brandon (Prince Sky) from Diaspro
  • Bloom humiliate herself in front of the whole city of Magix
  • Stella learns the truth about Prince Sky (Brandon)
  • Bloom and Stella break up with Sky and Brandon
  • The girls powers are diluted as punishment for disgracing Alfea (4Kids Version)


  • Bloom
  • Stella
  • Flora
  • Tecna
  • Musa
  • Erendor
  • Samara
  • Brandon
  • Prince Sky
  • Riven
  • Timmy
  • Princess Diaspro
  • Saladin
  • Faragonda
  • Griffin
  • Codatora
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