Winx Mythix
Mythix is the second transformation of the sixth season. Its name comes from the word "Myth".

Requirement Edit

The Mythix is obtained through the Ancestral Wands that were taken from the Legendarium to the real world, to get them a fairy must prove that it is worthy of it. The Winx and Eldora prove themselves worthy when defending the Tir Nan Og castle, now a school, from an attack by the Trix, Selina and the rest of the Nubian Tower witches.

Appearance Edit

It consists of an elegant dress adorned, with lot of colors. The hair appears loose (with the exception of Aisha and Musa), long and shiny, decorated with a flower in their hair whose shape is similar to the wings. They also have decorated gloves and shoes of the same color as the dress. The wings are large, colorful and bright, and consist of two parts instead of four.

Gallery Edit

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