Map of Magix
Magix is the main planet from the Magical Dimension and the name of the main city located there.

Locations Edit


Fairy students come to Alfea to learn how to cast spells, create enchanted auras and make magical potions.

There are many subjects in the school taught by very skilled, strict and demanding teachers. Thanks to these lessons, the aspiring teenage fairies learn how to use and improve their powers in order to fight against evil in the name of equality, brotherhood and justice.

The Alfea students live within the school itself, which has an enormous, well stocked library, classroom, and a Magical Archive where the most important secrets of Magix are kept.

Cloud TowerEdit

Witches come to Cloud Tower to study sorcery and curses.

Cloud Tower embodies evil. It uses it's vast reserves of energy to overcome it and use it for itself, exploiting it's devastating strength.

Red FountainEdit

Is a school for Magix experts. The students can become in true warriors here, skilled in the use of magic and technology.

Red Fountain trains the bravest boys in the Magical Dimension to become qualified Magix experts. They help the fairies and are always ready to lean a hand.

The students live in the school. They learn how to use all kind of weapons, from the most traditional to the most technological. They drive special vehicles that they can use on missions. Each one has his own personal dragon that he trains with. Red Fountain was destroyed by the wicked Trix but rised again from the ashes. Now it's even more imposing.


Adquistes is in Wildland, in a valley right in the middle of a green mountain range. People can reach it by shuttle.

The buildings are circular and harmonious, with marvelous external walls like old castles.

This is the shopping city, with thousands of shops sporting colorful, original windows. The architecture is modern but no cold, and lots of galleries connect the shops that are soft and rounded.

The visitors can find everything here, material, clothes, accessories, fom classic to modern.

Black-Mud SwampEdit

At the end of the Fortress of Light's lake, towards Cloud Tower, is located the Black-Mud Swamp, where the aquatic fairies lives, in the water lilies.

That's a transit land, dark and muddy, but it's a good ground for practicing magics and spells.

Lake RocalucceEdit

It is a beautiful lake which is located right in the middle of the Magical Dimension's crater, in front of Alfea and Red Fountain, not far from Magix City. It's partly surrounded by the Black-Mud Swamp. The mythical nymphs of Magix are said to live in it's depths, and Daphne, Bloom's older sister, has her spiritual home here too.There is also the village of the fascinating aquatic fairies in the lake. They live in bubbles.

Fortress of Light Edit

The sacred temple of the Fortress of Light hangs above the lake, in non-space (nobody knows where it is exactly), on a huge rocky mountain and immersed in the clouds. Can be reached by traveling through the dimensions and it is necessary to be very well versed in magic to that. The temple is stately and imposing and has magnificent outside walls. There is a purification cell inside for those who have commited serious crimes. The "cell" is mores purifying and redemptive than punitive. When the person reaches the right spiritual level, they may cross the threshol without encountering any obstacles as long as they no longer pose a thread.

The Knights of the Fortress of Light live, here the guardians of the temple. They Study "Wu-Gong" here, that is an ancient martial art that leads to the development of very highly qualified warrios. They are immune to magic up to a certain level, immune to poison, and don't feel the cold or the heat.

Magix CityEdit

Magix represents the magical balance of the forces and it lies at the point where all types of energy meets. This is why it is so important. Only people possessing some magic power can enter it's domain. It is the city where anything is possible, only if people can reach it.

All existing magical energy pulsates within its heart. The other dimensions get power and strength and live their magical reality thanks to this supply of energy that is spread out by special "flow" channels.

Magix people possess simple magic powers known as basic magic. This ensures that the city is constantly alive with spells and strange phenomeana.

Pixie VillageEdit

In the magical dimension, there is a very dense wood with lush, evergreen trees, bathed in a slight mist and full of hidden passages and disguised paths.

It's Dark Forest wood where a fantastic, inaccessible miniature village lies. There is a very strange, flower-shaped fountain in the middle of the village. It's the tree of life.

The houses are really tiny and are all different, some hace goblin's roofs, and others are very richly decorated. Some are even very colorful and hang from trees.

Darkar's CastleEdit

It lies underground, inside a vast, dark gloomy cave. It's a giant, angular complex of three reversed peaks attached to the ceiling, like stalactites. Darkar's castle lies within this intricate structure.

The atmosphere is edgier and there are many huge wharves and twisted tunnels that increase the feeling of danger and anxiety. Deep below the castle, a lake was formed by drops of water dripping slowly down the rocky, spiked walls.

Wildland Edit

It's located beyond the magical dimension, near the shopping town Adquistes. Just outside Magix lies an imposing mountain range, and the lush forest os Wildland spread out behind one of those mountains. It has a large, enchanted, rose lake in the middle. A wonderful, tiny beach surrounds it, just right for lighting bonfires.

The vegetation is lush and thick, a real jungle. Apart from wolves and monsters, nobody lives here. Visitors are bound to be terrified if they go for a walk on their own.

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