Winx Dreamix
Dreamix is the first transformation achieved by the Winx in the first season of World of Winx.

Appearance Edit

This form has a J-Pop style, consists of a whole suit, decorated with jewels, bright ribbons and transparent cloths tied around. The shoes are attached to the outfit in a fashion similar to Sirenix and Bloomix. The fairies also wear jewelry like earrings. The hair is tied in a simple way and decorated with hair accessories embedded in gems.

The wings are large, colorful and iridescent/pearly. They have two layers. The inner layer has feathery design, with an alternative color of the fairy; While the exterior has a design similar to a butterfly, and the color matches the outfit.[1]

Requirement Edit

The requirement to obtain this transformation is mentioned vaguely in the series. The Winx achieved this form when they helped Annabelle to make her dream come true.

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