Winx Charmix
Charmix is a power up that the fairies acquire by overcome their insecurities and comes into contact with their true selves. It consists of a pendant and a bag, both according to the power of a fairy and comes with a transformation sequence.

Appearance and how was Earned Edit

Bloom: A pendant and a bag both with heart form. She won her Charmix by convince his friends to save themselves and also apologize to them.

Stella: A shaped mirror pendant and a bag representing the sun and the moon. She won her Charmix by apologizing to Layla and admit that she also feels pushed aside sometimes.

Flora: A goblet shaped pendant and a bag-shaped rose. She won her Charmix by confessing to Helia that she loves him.

Aisha: A leaf shaped pendant and a water bottle. She won her Charmix by overcome her fear of being alone.

Musa: A shaped pendant musical key and a CD player. She won her Charmix by trust Riven.

Tecna: A triangle-shaped pendant and a transmitter. She won her Charmix for tells Timmy her feelings.

Gallery Edit

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