Winx Butterflix
Winx Butterflix S8
Butterflix is the first transformation that the Winx obtain in the seventh season.

Information Edit

This transformation has gifts related to nature/living beings and increases the magical powers of a fairy. To get this power a fairy must prove herself as a worthy defender of Fairy Animals without altering the environment.

Appearance Edit

Butterflix fairies wear very colorful dresses decorated with butterfly wings segments, short with luminous details and some layers at the bottom. They also has matching slim wristbands and stilettos. The hair is braides into a simple ponytail and decorated with butterfly shaped hair accessories. The wings are big and bright.

Powers Edit

In this form a fairy possess the power to make contact with nature, also can feel, understand, help and calm the Fairy animals.

The abilities are similar to the Believix, with the difference that the specials ones are used on nature elements instead of people.

Gallery Edit

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